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The American media once again doesn't report stories that are patriotic and right on the money. The rally held at the Mall in Washington D.C. held by Glenn Beck was not even mentioned in the major media other than to say the crowds were small.

Over 500,000 people showed up to that rally, and there was no violence, and no political statements.

The Smithsonian has asked Glenn Beck for items from the rally that they can display in the museum.

Hopefully this rally will have a positive effect on how we as Americans will view the coming mid-term elections!

7 years 7 weeks ago, 6:41 PM


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It makes you wonder who owns the media outlets, and what their agenda is for the U.S. I think Glenn Beck is doing a very good thing by the way
7 years 7 weeks ago, 9:00 PM


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Estimates in the media, and in the various blogs range from 80,000 to over 500,000. The National Park Service is the only ones who have the facilities to give an accurate count, and since the fallout from a lawsuit from the organizers of the Million Man March, the NPS has been prohibited by Congress from publishing a count. Kinda sucks, doesn't it?

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