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6 years 10 weeks ago, 10:57 AM


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A new alert was just issued by the Center for Disease Control. This is especially critical for those of you who may be engaging in promiscuous socio/political activity [NOT THAT I AM ACCUSING ANYONE].

A new strain of STD has been isolated. The name/label is Gonorrhea Lectim, pronounced "Gonna re-elect him", and it began to become ever stronger, after the election of our present president. It was said to have spread virulently, when the Demo-Libs accelerated the incidence of putting their collective craniums up their collective anuses. It has spread throughout the USA among those who have and are raping the many federal entitlement programs, and are now almost hopelessly addicted.

But fear not. The researchers have just finished the trial studies on a new medicine called, Votemout. They have not yet settled on the most efficatious dosage, but it appears that the medicine will be provided free of charge between now and the November 2012 election. This should appeal greatly to those most afflicted with the dread disease.

Conservatives everywhere will be publicizing the critical necessity for those afflicted to obtain and take the medicine before this disease becomes endemic, and wipes out all life as we now know it.

Let's get the word out!!!

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6 years 10 weeks ago, 11:06 AM


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God I hope not,

I will gladly share my dose of votemout.........

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6 years 10 weeks ago, 11:11 AM


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Give them a free visit

to the Korvorkian Clinic

A little rebellion is good medicine for the government Thomas Jefferson
6 years 10 weeks ago, 12:57 PM

greg az

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pard that was some funny stuff..

pinch a nurse,.. nothing.. you already tied to tell them twice...votemeout.. free trips to the Kevorkian's clinic.. you guys are on a roll..

see ya all later.. let me leave you with some tame / lame stuff.

young man picks up a frog.. frog says im a beautiful princess, i have beautiful hair, make up, nails, wardrobe... Kiss me and im all yours.. guy sorta thinks it over... says .. nah i'd rather have a talk'n frog..

blond goes into Lowes.. i need some 2x4 sir.. guy says, ok.. how long ya want em.. blond says.. oh a long time..were building a house..

i know henny youngman's back... take my pard..please..

a man has to hold his word, hold his beliefs, and hold a good sight picture.
6 years 10 weeks ago, 9:47 AM

Saint J.M. Browning

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lol, good stuff.

"I don't think Hank done it this way" - Waylon

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