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greg az

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I believe i might have seen one of our own on the news today.. Both Fox and CNN covered the "bugles across America" that our own LLE is a member of.. Fox had an interview with the individual who started this organization, Gentleman named Day, an ex Marine who gives in excess of 10K dollars ever year to insure that all vets have a bugler available to actually play those 24 notes at his or her funeral.. Due to budget issues the VA, and Government only insure that a tape be made available..

Both networks showed a montage of Military funerals, and at 11:45 mt time CNN showed a bugler from L profile that was the spiting image of LEE's picture on his profile page.. I'm sure that considering the number of individuals who give of thier time to do this, and the tendency for all of us "seniors" to resemble each other..(will be polite and leave it at the grey hair) that it might very well have been someone else.. Maybe i just want it to be LLE as we have all read that post on the 24 notes.

I know that everyone of us, regardless of whether or not were Veterans have the same appreciation of the sacrifices made by those who gave "all". That's one of the reasons i love this site, and all of you like brothers.. You guys make me so proud to be your friend simply because you honestly care about these things that matter so much to us.

A few weeks ago i backed away from the whole "Chaplain" thing, I know we were kidding around about the whole issue, and i was responsible for it..Fact is that when it came time to seriously consider the implications of the whole thing, I decided that i honor the "real deal" Chaplains to much to in anyway be responsible for posting something that could either dishonor them, or dishonor those who really do give of themselves.. The "bugles across America" project is a perfect example of people who honestly give, and who really are heroes.

I hope to always be your friend, and call me what ever you want from greg, to padregreg, to shit head..They all work.. As lucky said we don't name ourselves, others do.. So heres to raising our glasses in a toast to those made the ultimate sacrifice. The individual that started the "bugles" project, Mr Day said it best .. "When taps are played i like to think its a signal to those Marines up there who are guarding the streets of heaven.. Let this one in"..

God bless all of you and your familys, and God bless all of them we remember today.

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I would like to add some things I found online since I am
away from the US. I like this page:

Another site for Afghanistan:

Women in the military:

Patrolman Kato
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greg There are unsung heroes all over this beautiful country of ours! America! Love it or get the Hell out! My prayers go out to thise families that have loved ones in the military, especially those deployed. My family and myself Thank You for your service and dedication to this country. BUT! My special thanks go to those who have fought throughout the years for this country to make it free and keep it free. I also want to thank those that have died in service for other countries. God Bless them all. Amen....

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can do, to express my thanks for being fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the USA.
Certainly, I am proud to have served in the military, especially at a time when we were being threatened by international communism.
Certainly I am proud to have been a productive citizen, working in the Defense and AeroSpace industries.
Certainly, I am proud to have raised and educated three children, all of whom are good and productive citizens who know and appreciate the blessings bestowed upon them and their children.
Certainly, if the day comes that we must fight the enemy on our own soil, I will be honored to give my life for my country.

We all know how much we owe to those patriots who came before us, those who fought along side us, and especially those fighting for us now.
So.....the least I can do, is make certain that honorable service veterans, receive the deserved honor of the 24 sacred notes of Taps, produced by a real bugle sounding the 24, made by the vibrating lips and warm breath of a fellow veteran............
This I will do, until the day that it is my turn to receive the honor.

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I was only 4 or 5 years old when word came through to our little town that two of our boys, just out of high school, had just been killed in WWII. This was in 1943 or 1944. I went with my parents to each of their homes to honor them. Many, many people were at each home, with the women in their best dresses and the men in suits, and this on a weekday. I don't believe that I ever saw the town in such an attitude of mourning and reverence. Both boys were deservedly popular in the town. Honest, hard-working, from parents of the same cloth. The boys, and that day were spoken of for years and years afterward. The town, indeed the entire northern half of our county was shut down for their funeral (held jointly). I'm sad again today, so many years afterward, just thinking of it.

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