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Should be against the law, all of them Natural and Man Made....

I just about have my shop totally setup and so decided to tryout the new Table I built to mount my Tippman Boss onto for Sewing Holsters...

Cut the pieces out, lay them together, good fit. Take the Masters Leather Cement and slap it on where needed and stick the pieces together, check the fit, perfect.

Decide to line it with some Soft Calf Skin in a Rootbeer Brown color, so I glue the pieces and wait for them to setup again and put them together, work all the edges down and tight, press out any air that might be trapped between the main holster body leather and the lining leather. tap edges down where needed and let setup.

Check the fit and it is looking like something now, really think it is going to turn out well enough to impress myself.

Take it over to my Tippman and thread the machine, the bobbin and prime it to stitch. Lift the foot position the holster and lower the foot. Light a smoke and sit back thinking about how I want to finish it out as far as Color or Natural, seal it with Atom Wax or just Oil it and let it bake in the sun tomorrow?

Doesn't matter right now, put smoke out and start stitching... First 20 stitches look great, now I can just let go and run the stitches out in a double row, then cut, move the holster to stitch the outer stitches then move it to do the weapon line stitches....

30 stitches into the first stitch line, it starts missing stitches and I go past three before I notice so I have to cut, pull all the stitches and re-thread, then start in the exact holes already made before. 25 stitches it skips a thread and then stitches through the bottom thread itself pulling tight and jambing up the machine, snapping the thread. cut the thread from the bobbin, pull the stitches.

Take some scrap and check the machine out. Discover someone has turned all the tensioner son the machine dicking around. Reset machine to correct tensions. Notice someone has moved the control which sets the number of stitches per inch and attempt to reset it to 5. Snap a needle, replace needle, snap a needle, replace the needle. notice that the control knob assembly is not installed correctly. Bushing is on the wrong side or the spring and washer it behind that. Take it apart, put it back together correctly, check it out, needle works fine without snapping, stitches are sweet once again using scrap to check it out on. Pull the scrap out, pick up the holster go the position it to sew and notice, I had put the glue brush down in a type of spoon tray and evidently I knocked it out without noticing it.

I had laid the Holster down on top of that freaking brush wasting the holster....

So, I gave up for the night so I don't take a hammer to that freaking machine. My Daughter has learned that she shouldn't touch my tools and the Dog has a nice new $100.00 Holster shaped chew toy....


No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!

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