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I am interested in other professional experiences.
I was wondering if this is a worldwide problem, or are we doing something wrong.
In the last 4 years our training requirement have quadrupled. During this time we have encountered some problems with our 5's. We use a 95-grain semi jacketed soft point round (Gov requirement)
When we get a stoppage we put the selector to safe, and drop it on the sling, then draw our side arm as an IA drill.
Now on a number of occasions the weapon has fired when it is dropped resulting in rounds hitting the floor or going back down range. It is only buy luck that nobody has been seriously injured or killed.
Normally the incident happens so fast that we don't know if it was operator error or a weapon malfunction. On the last occasion we saw the working parts had not gone into battery by about 1cm. We saw the operator (Left handed) place the selector to safe and lower the 5 down to his right hand side. His trigger hand was on his side arm. As he stood up (He was shooting from the kneeling) the gun fired into the floor. This was defiantly not operator error!
We use the single shot trigger groups, which let the hammer forward past the selectors reach if the weapon is not in battery.
H&K have examined the weapon and can't find anything wrong with it.

Any thoughts or experiences.

9 years 36 weeks ago, 5:08 PM

Larj 1Aus

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That does happen around the world on some occasions.

It's the same way you clear a jammed Pump-Action shotgun. That sort of discharge isn't uncommon but is something you should be weary of,it could be a problem with the storage of the bullets but the list of things would go for miles...

But it sounds like the bullet itself thats the problem not the operator or weapon.

As little help as i'd say that is...

9 years 22 weeks ago, 5:36 AM


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Okay, let me get this straight. You are saying that this is a possible hang fire, caused by the round in the chamber and not a problem with the MP5? Are we dealing with new ammunition or old military surplus?

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