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My first gun

Most gun enthusiasts, if not all, can probably remember the first gun they bought. I remember mine. I spent my entire childhood looking forward to the day I was able to own my own guns. The day I turned 18, I took a few hundred bucks with me to my local gun shop and looked forward to walking out with my very own gun. As I walked into the center of the store, one gun in particular caught my eye. Sitting on the third rack, almost in the center, was the longest, most worn gun in the entire store. I walked up to the rack and picked up the gun. It was an old Steven's Springfield single shot, break open 12 gauge. The finish almost completely worn off but the wood was in perfect condition with no dings and the bluing on the metal was extremely worn leaving an amazing color. As I held the old shotgun I imagined all of it's previous owners and admired the feel and look of it. Several minutes later I was walking out of the store with my very first gun. I left the old shotgun in its original condition and bring it shooting occasionally. I would never have guessed that that shotgun would lead to an extensive collection and passion for guns.

To anyone interested in collecting firearms, collections don't form overnight. They take years of searching and research. A gun could be monetarily worthless but still find a place in any collection.

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The old Savage/Stevens single shot shotguns were fine guns. I've had a couple, and they worked great for me. And for my personal use, I've never refinished any gun. If I can hit what I aim at with one, that's all I ask. I don't buy them to "show", but to shoot.

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Ecaman (Bob) and i are old time gun lovers who have acquired, traded, bought, and sold a couple of vehicles weights in weapons..Your comments show an appreciation of what fire arms mean to a lot of us.. I collect Victory model S&W's at the moment..and when i say collect i mean i shoot those puppys to.. Had 1911's and back when the prices first started going up on them in the late 80's i got out and made a little... Stupid me, they have of course tripled since then.. And before you think im only in it for the bucks..Nope, just telling a story on myself..

My first rifle was a little Stevens 22.. That was the pride of my life at 10, and will never be forgotten.. Thiers something really special about picking up an old piece and knowing its been carried, and cared for by someone who also loved the weapon.. Your posts indicate you understand that... so again welcome to gunslot...

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I remember the first gun given to me was when I was 10 and my grandfather gave me a single shot .410 shotgun. I love that thing. It has taken countless squirrels. The first gun I bought for myself was a glock 22.

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My first gun

was my Winchester model 1892 rifle, it belonged to my grandfather
who died long before I was born. My dad gave it to me when I was
about 10, for the longest time the 38/40 ammo was hard to find so
I haven't shot it since the late 70's. Nowdays with the popularity of
cowboy action shooting the ammo is plentiful, I may grab a box and
shoot the old girl the next time I head to the range.

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