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4 years 48 weeks ago, 2:18 PM

bad landing47

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anti gun liberal; you don't need an an AR-15 to hunt My response it can be used for hunting, but its primary use is to defend the citizenry from a tyranical government, Anti gun liberal; The founding fathers had only flintlocks, they couldn;t have perseived of modern weapons, so the 2nd amendment isn;t valid today, My response; Flintlocks were the assault weapons of their day,. The colonists had the same equivalent of weapons as the redcoats. We should have the same ability to defend our freedoms as the military has today. Anti-gun liberal; Thats rediculous you couldn't fight against a modern army with just AR-15s or AK47s. My response; the Taliban and Al Queda seem to be hanging in there pretty well with just AKs, RPGs and some home made IEDs. P.S. did you guys know that a Democrat congressman has submitted a bill to allow no term limits for the President? Emporer Obama, God help us all.

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while we are at it, I would like a few "mini guns" and "rocket launchers" added to my "bucket list".........LOL! Unfortunately "Emperor Obama" may not be far off, things will go to hell in a hurry if that were to take place......God help us.

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4 years 48 weeks ago, 12:00 PM


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nra, goa, whoever

I would like to see one of the organizations go the next step by organizing its members in a state by state militia with a chain of command starting with military special forces at the top, regular military, ritired military, police, retired police and civilians ready to pounce on city, county, state and then federal governments when a gun ban passes that leaves my childrens future unprotected against a tyrant government that lends itself to the leadership of the united nations. In other words "take the 2nd ammendment to its full extent of its intent".

Kimbers and Colts are what you show your friends. HKs and Sigs are what you show your enemies.

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