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My nephew (15yrs old) is in the ROTC and is very interested in becoming a sniper for the US Military. Can anyone suggest some good reading material. I would like to get him some for Christmas. I have read and enjoyed "One Shot One Kill" (Srgt.Carlos Hathcock USMC)and plan on buying this one for him.

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good reads

Great Choice on Hathcock. Although its Vietman era, your nephew can still get a good perspective on what it was like.

a couple more:

"Marine Sniper :93 kills" by Charles Henderson (about hathcock)

"Advanced Tactical Marksman" by Dave Lauck

SGT Dan Mills has written a couple, most notable "Sniper One" which gives a good perspective of allied units

or you could go with acutual USMC Sniper/Scout Manual

or US Army Sniper Training Manual

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I know alot on sniper weapons and some tactics. Feel free to ask. Here maybe this helps.

Kinda Rare thing to hear.

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