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7 years 34 weeks ago, 1:28 AM

greg az

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need your help guys

Sure you all remember when my brother Gary joined, and all the comments i have made about my older bro..

He's down in Tucson medical center ICU as we speak.. He had a dust off from Sierra Vista yesterday am.. GLoria and i took of to meet him, and the cousin i talked about in "greg gets a liberal spun" meets us south of phx and drives us down.. Bub has had a series of heart attacks, and also a "bleeder" in the colon.. We spent the night in Tucson, and it looked stable when we departed Tucson today to come home..

We get a call around Cassa Grande.. Bub has another bleeder, and they dont think he can survive the operation to fix same... He did!!..He has a "bag", but damage repared..unfortunatly the docs are telling my sis that Gary has a 10% chance of making it out of the hospital to a nursing home (to much care needed to return home) and doubt he will make it thru the night..

Goes with out say that ive been wearing the good Lord out about this (not just one brother, were close..) Sorry this things such a mess, pretty shot at this end, and just wanted to get this on here and request your prayers and positive thoughts..

This thing is NOT done.. Bubs a bit tougher (mustang major) than the 20something doc, but hes been on a lot of co2 for the COPD, and guess the heart has significant damage.

Will give you guys an update tomorrow.. Good night my friends.

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7 years 34 weeks ago, 8:37 AM


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Prayers sent, brother! Hope everything turns out alright!

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7 years 34 weeks ago, 8:42 AM


hope bro pulls thru...

7 years 34 weeks ago, 9:49 AM


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Greg, you and Gary

have got my support and prayers are with ya' both....Be strong!

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7 years 34 weeks ago, 10:49 AM


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Mr Greg

Same on this end my friend.
Hope brother pulls through

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7 years 34 weeks ago, 1:16 PM


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My prayers are with your brother Gary, and your entire family.

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