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I see many folks announcing they are new to fire arms
but 1st thing they want is a hand gun or rifle for
home defense.

Ladies and gentlemen the cheapest or most expensive
hand gun will do you no good until you are experienced
enough to handle it. I recommend a training course before
you ever think about a handgun for your home.

A rifle for home defense is never a good idea.
If you live on top of a mountain in the middle of
nowhere a rifle might be ok. But then you have
to consider other people in the house. I rifle bullet
will go through walls like they aren't even there.

A shotgun is always best for the home. Even some of
the most experienced shooters will pick a shotgun first.
Shotguns have a broader shot pattern, less likely to
miss and not as likely to harm your own family.

If you've never shot a shotgun and are afraid of them
or afraid you can't handle one go take a shooting
course and learn.

Guns are Kool. I love guns but I will never buy a gun
I can't handle just because it's kool.

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home defense

I agree that shotguns are good, but they can over penetrate easily if the wrong loads are used (00, slugs etc..). If you look at the 5.56/.223 ballistics, it is actually less likely to over penetrate than most handgun calibers.

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223 ballistics..

I'd use frangible ammo in a handgun of AR in a house without question. Oh and the 5.45x39 will destroy a wall and anything on the other side.

Buddy of mine squeezed one off into the wall in his garage out of his AKs 74u Krinkov. Thinking it would do now more than a 223 and it went clean thru blowing bathroom tiles of on the other side of that wall and it blew the Medicine Cabinet off the other wall opposing the shower.

Laughed my ass off...

and before anyone says it, yes Billy can be a bit off at times. He spent 3 years of his youth in Vietnam and has a rather odd sense of humor...
Also a hell of a collection of anything military and or other destructive devices...

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
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home defencs

i agree with cw about the shot gun. it might penetrate some but not like a rifle or hand gun. you might ought to be aware of your own dwelling but at least the neighbors are kinda safe. anything you shoot you have to watch past your intended target. be aware of your surroundings. not only that but if you get a good solid hit with a shotgun at close range, like in a room, i would be pretty confident they are not going to get up and come back for more. (at least not whole)

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frangible .223 ammo, and this stuff blows up when it hits anything hard. There are some very good loads out there for indoor use, but at 165 decibels from a 16" barrel, it's not easy on the ears. I really want a supressor.

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