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7 years 37 weeks ago, 5:07 AM


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Puerto Rico
New to the site.

Hey there people. I'm fairly new to the site, having joined only two days ago, so I'm dropping by this forum letting myself be seen and saying hi to all. Great site, by the way. Good job to those who work on it.

If you think there's good in everybody, you haven't met everybody.
7 years 37 weeks ago, 6:11 AM


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Welcome Frostbite!

Puerto Rico, Huh! Are you allowed to own guns there, and if so what do you shoot? Welcome to the site........enjoy the insanity!

"Two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel. One is the colors that fly high and proud the red the white the blue.The other ones got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made, Don’t Tread On Me is what it says"
7 years 37 weeks ago, 6:17 AM


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Feb 2009
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a guy from puerto rico, enjoy the site. has the island calm down, been watchin all the BS goin on down there with the drug people

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7 years 37 weeks ago, 9:32 AM


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Welcome aboard

Hey Ivantank...that was Jamaica Mon...not Puerto Rico,
what are you saying they all look alike? Just kidding man...
unless I just didn't catch some news from Puerto Rico too.
Let me know...I am curious now. Welcome to the site
Frostbite...give us some additional information about yourself.

Here are some tips:
1. You will probably need to ask someone about how to post
pictures and videos:
a. PIctures are easier and only .gif or .jpeg/jpg. Go to the upper
right corner where your avatar / name is located and click on it.
( I suggest right click and open in a new window so you can read
these directions while performing the actions stated.
b. Click on Upload & Videos Link
c. Next page, click on IMAGE
d. On the Create Image Page Type in Title, then choose category from drop
down menu. Choose Guns / Accesory Only or Other. We have been
trying to get all guns only into their own category and all the other pictures
of girls, cartoons, other pics.
e. Click the Browse button at the button, navigage to the file location on
your computer
f. Click Save


Video (a bit trickier, but not difficult)

Go through the same steps as above a. and b. at C. Choose Video
- The difference with video is, the video must be hosted in another
lcoation, like a youtube video, imageshack, photobucket, etc.
- Most of those sites have a way to simply save the link.
- The video link is at the bottom the page
1. Title
2. You can describe what you want in the Body section
3. Use the Embed Code (optional): at the bottom
4. Use the code you saved from where you video is hosted. Paste it into
the Embed Code (optional): area and Save
This should work. If not...i cannot help further because I have had issues
before, but this should work.

Videos hosted elsewhere and linked to from this site / Images are hosted
on your profile page.

Hope it helps

Patrolman Kato
Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.
They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone
under independence. -- George Washington

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