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I do not want to beat a dead horse. (in fact, I do not want to beat ANY horse).
The controversy is being kept alive by the media, and I have not heard serious and cogent arguments as to WHY the Washington R-words name should be expunged from human memory, because some hollierthanthough liberals still refuse to recognize the R-word name was not born of pejorative origins.

One very funny "solution" was based upon a change born of the innocent red skin potato: Change the name to The Washington Red Skins, and change the logo to a big red skin potato and plant greenery, in place of the noble, feathered native American profile. But alas, potatoes are not fierce enough for NFL team names.

That got me to thinking(always dangerous). WHY IS THERE NO CONTROVERSY OVER-------

gasp............................The New Orleans "SAINTS" ????????!!!!!!!!!

Where are all the hollierthanthough people who should be complaining about the blasphemy of calling a football team such a name, which connotes piety, holiness, sanctity, virtuosity and perhaps even martyrdom, thus, deriding their respective religion(s). Is not such a name insulting to religious people!? And where are the fans who should be complaining about the LACK of FEROCITY and aggressiveness in the name??

.......................and the beat goes on and on and on and on........................................

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Friends Of Gay Indians ??


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