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Let's call this what it is: a BLATANT LIE---a CON of the people of the United States, and WE are all going to pay for this version of COVERT redistribution. Oh well--what the hell---it's only money.

BUT NOW, the next lie plays with our lives more precipitously:

Obama: "I will not tolerate a nuclear armed Iran, and I will take military action, if necessary, to prevent that from happening".

Fast forward to the "agreement" [I call a con job] that we and our allies just concluded with Iran. We and the western powers actually have caved in and agreed to allow Iran to become the next nuclear power. We have been duped by the major purveyors of the Islamic principles created by Muhammed, [when he ruptured the Treaty of Hudaibbya, and captured Mecca]]---that Islam permits true believers to agree to anything that later can be secretly or overtly abrogated, to help them toward their goal worldwide jihad...... That true believers may/should use deceit, duplicity and treachery to overcome their adversaries......
AND WE are so gullible to believe we WON in those negotiations. True, the language of the toughly fought-out agreement "prevents" Iran from further enrichment and addition of more centrifuges, and it requires "absolute transparent surveillance of their nuclear research. And our leaders actually believe that Iran will keep this agreement, while the Iranian theocratic leadership KNOWS that they can secretly abrogate any part of the agreement or all of it, when the time is advantageous to do so.

Have we the people become so fat, dumb and happy as to allow the POTUS to put our lives in such potentially catastrophic jeopardy??!! Will the Congress of the United States allow the very existence of this nation to be jeopardized, without acting on behalf of the people to repudiate this nation's assent to such insanity. My friends, we are about to learn, once more, what it is like to have an existential challenge, as we did during the "cold war" generations, and as the Israelis have had for +60 years.
Those years brought with them a never-ending undercurrent of anxiety to life in general, especially after Krushchev proclaimed in 1956----"we will bury you". Now, we have the self appointed Islamo-extremist leaders of world-wide jihad and the builders of the Second Persian Empire telling us infidels, "you cannot stop us, we WILL rule the world", and like the infamous PM Neville Chamberlain of 1938, with Hitler, we cannot seem to understand how perfidiously global OUR opponent's motives ultimately are.
The cold war forced us to create the largest, most successful military/industrial complex ever contemplated, at the cost of higher and higher expenditures of our GNP. We invented strange--some say insane--new concepts like "mutually assured destruction". I do not look forward to living through another such period of life. I do not look forward to wondering whether my children and grandchildren will be permitted to live long, happy, healthy and successful lives.
And so, I say to you this nation is at an existential crossroads, and EACH of us must do what we can to preserve, protect and defend it.

It would be profoundly ironic , if the new Israeli/Saudi alliance saves our pathetic asses.

Too old to fight, Too old to run, guess that's why I carry a gun! "would someone show this asshole the way out of town".[Rabbi Avram Belinski-aka "The Frisco Kid"]
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Impeach, Repeal, Period.

Each election is an advance auction on the sale of stolen goods

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