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Obama Inaugural Ratings Fall Short of Reagan’s

Thursday, January 22, 2009 1:30 PM

By: Rick Pedraza Article Font Size

What did they expect it started at 9am and most of the welfare slugs were still in bed...

Although the number of viewers watching the presidential inauguration coverage of Barack Obama was impressive, they fall short of those who saw Ronald Reagan take the oath of office for his first term in 1981.

According to Nielsen Media Research, 37.8 million television viewers tuned in Tuesday to watch the swearing-in ceremony, which was the largest inaugural audience in 28 years. Reagan's first inauguration in 1981 drew a whopping 41.8 million.

Obama's viewership was, however, 27 percent higher than Bill Clinton's in 1993, and 30 percent higher than George W. Bush's in 2001. Bush’s swearing-in for his second term in 2005 was the lowest viewing audience (15.5 million) for a presidential inauguration.

Obama's figures include telecasts on 17 broadcast and cable networks, while Reagan’s swearing-in ceremony nearly three decades ago could only be seen on ABC, CBS and NBC.

NBC’s coverage of the Obama inauguration festivities beat all competitors with 11.5 million viewers, followed by ABC (11 million) and CBS (7.2 million). CNN topped the cable networks with 8.5 million viewers, followed by Fox News Channel (5.5 million), and MSNBC (3.1 million).

The ratings do not, however, include the huge online viewing audience, with, and all reporting record-breaking streaming video traffic. Google reports that searches were down during the event.

Among U.S. cities, Raleigh-Durham had the largest TV audience (51 percent of the television audience), while host city Washington, D.C. came in second (48 percent). Seattle-Tacoma had the lowest television rating at 18.8 percent, and the West Coast, in general, had the lowest numbers, possibly due to the fact that the swearing-in ceremony there was televised at 9 a.m.

Overseas numbers show Germany with 11 million viewers, followed by France (7 million) and Great Britain (5.1 million).

Presidential Inauguration Ratings (from highest to lowest):

1981 – Ronald Reagan – 41.8 million

1977 – Jimmy Carter – 34.1 million

1973 – Richard Nixon – 33.0 million

1993 – Bill Clinton – 29.7 million

2001 – George W. Bush – 29.0 million

1985 – Ronald Reagan – 25.1 million

1989 – George Bush – 23.3 million

1997 – Bill Clinton – 21.6 million

2005 – George W. Bush – 15.5 million

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