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This is sad but true. Only 2 percent of all people 18 & older have served in the US military. I would like to thank, all of you who are serving now, and all that have served in the past, my brother's in arms.

This is really sad, that only 2 percent have or they are served to protect our country's freedoms. I understand, if you could not serve because, of medical problems or you are the last living son in your family. The military is tough on the body. This means that about 95 percent of the poeple have no reason way they can not serve. I'm giving 3 percent of the people the reason I listed above for not having served, which is perfectly ok.

So, you have all of these people that could have served but, would not for some reason complaining about they freedoms. They will not stand up for themself but, they want someone else to do the fighting for them. So, they can stay back home and enjoy all of the freedom's. The one's that have the balls or are poor or went in to get money to help with school, the military was they only choose. That so few have to carry this country on they back's. Would like to hear what the rest of you guys and gals think about this.

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I feel ya

Currently to join the military, you can get an average of a 5 figure sum as a bonus. Poor people need money? Have no way out the hood? Have no way of getting anything better the a half wide? Can't get across the border legally? SERVE, YOU FUCKING INGRATES!!! FUCK. Lazy nasty helpless assholes. I don't even care if you don't join the military for one of the 2-5 year contracts they offer if you do something with your life that is productive. However, if you are complaining about being poor or having no job at 18 and McDonalds is under you...I'M GOING TO SKULL FUCK YOU!!! The military is not for everyone, but you can suffer through four years, while getting a better resume', money, free schooling(Leave the hood/trailer for an education), free housing and medical and dental for you and immediate(Wife/kids) family. There is an option, take it and prove there was a reason your mother went through the pain of you being born instead of "wire hanging" you out here snatch. FUCK!!!

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How do you say,

From kindergarten on these poor schmucks are brainwashed (figuratively) into believing that the military is bad! This is accomplished by the NEA teachers, which are 80%+ Liberal Democrats. Let's all just make nice. Hey sometimes bad things have to happen to bad people. It is allright for your Mommy to abort your new little baby brother or sister but God forbid we should put down that mass murderer becase that is immoral... I don't understand their logic at all. This is what scares me about most liberal Democrats...

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joining the military

went out the door for me at 18 because i obtained an open compound fracture of the lower right leg caused by a Jeep rolling 5 times then throwing me out and rolling over me.If ever asked by my country to serve for this country(to include giving up my life)i would be there.

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