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Out-of-state Carrying

Leaving west in a month for a much deserved vacation. When I was younger I thought I was invincible. I'm on the wrong side of 70 y.o. now and don't feel that way anymore. I would like to take something with me (IN, IL, Iowa, SD, & NE). I know handguns are out of the question even though I have a IN concealed permit (which meens nothing out there). What about long guns? Can I have the piece in a locked case in the truck cab? Does ammo have to be in the truck bed?

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Well.... Come to arizona and you can carry a handgun all day!

Most of those states have some bad laws in my humble honest opinion...

This site has lots of good gun info for state to state issues:

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Check the reciprocity agreements than IN has with the states through which you'll be traveling.

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a good idea is to call the state police in the state or states your going to/thru.when i went to idaho recently i called the idaho state police and talked to an officer about what i could have and how i needed to transport it(case,locked?ammo,how much?,etc...)the officer told me that they wish people would call and ask this stuff so they dont have to hastle travelers.

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