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greg az

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This is a follow up to the BB gun discussion that daisy and i have been having .. Just remembered.. and like a moth to a flame have to share.. im shaking my head on this one guys..

Winter of either 57 maybe 58.. One of our older brothers (prob to get us in trouble) had convinced my little gang of buds that if we got our Daisy main springs rusted they would be like.. oh i don't know.. somewhere south of a .375 H&H maybe..

We all burried them together in a major snow drift.. and waited..

Seemed like forever.. finally the snow melted.. course by then we had forgoten them... Remember this was before the days of sniffing glue or huffing paint, no excuses at all..

Folks were not to happy with this whole thing, as this was not a wealthy community, those bb guns represented bucks, and of course responsibility..

I have no idea why we didn't try to explain, only thing i remember is that we were all in big trouble, and came away from the ordeal with a new respect for dry bb guns..

So of course the first thing we did when we were allowed out was meet and go shooting.. Not sure if they were any more powerful or not.. but man were they hard to cock.. Not only that but the cocking could be heard for bout a block and a half away.. "hey is that ralphs".. "naw thats mikes, ralphs has more of a screech"

I know this isn't like debating the gas piston AR thing.. well... hmm

addendum 1.. sorry bout the sp check.. its gone..

addendum 2.. no i didn't bury it in the snow..

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Man thought the words were coming from my mouth, you need to write a book or at least put it on paper! Shoot them in the foot through the tennis shoes and watch them Hollar! but once again watch that lever still have the blood blister from the last kid!


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