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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Pakistan must demonstrate its commitment to defeating al Qaeda and other militants on its soil, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday, reflecting U.S. concern about Taliban influence in the nuclear-armed country.

"Pakistan must demonstrate its commitment to rooting out al Qaeda and the violent extremists within its borders," U.S. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the U.S., special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, said in testimony prepared for delivery to a congressional committee.

"Security assistance for Pakistan has to show results," he added, suggesting that the United States may tie an increase in aid to Pakistan to benchmarks in a variety of areas.

"The administration intends to implement measures of performance in its economic, social and military assistance to Pakistan," he said, saying such conditions must not worsen "the 'trust deficit' that plagues" U.S.-Pakistani relations.

U.S. officials have become increasingly worried about the strength of Pakistan's Taliban militants, who have advanced beyond their Swat valley stronghold to Buner valley, which is just 60 miles northwest of the capital, Islamabad.

Pakistani security forces launched an offensive to expel militants from Buner and another district on April 26. About 180 militants have been killed, according to the military, although there has been no independent confirmation.

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What can Pakistan do?

This was my specialist area and there is nothing that can be done.

Money and fighters to support the Taliban and Salafi's in Pakistan especially to the Mirpur region of Azad Kashmir is at such a high level from the UK that nothing can be done. The US should write the enterprise off as a bad deal. I did a report for the Home Office in the UK commissioned by the UN and said that if the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 the extremists would move from there to the UK because they had been building since 1999 a very large and comprehensive support structure which the British Government in the persons of Secret Intelligence Service and Security Services Agency were fully aware of especially the DG at that time Sir Stephen Lander who was publically saying in Government circles that nothing should be done in the UK to upset the Islamic communities as he was afraid of Islamophobia (referances can be supplied).

It's too late Pakistan should now be written off as a friendly or supportive state to the US as it is playing two ends off against the middle.

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Very concise writing and info. Don't all the Third World countries play both ends against the middle? We, the US just throw $$$$ at them and try to buy their loyalty.
I say pull in our horns and if they want to have at us, just try. Molon Labe, so to speak.

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They have nukes. Plain and simple.

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