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Just joined here and hoping some experts can provide a few answers for me regarding my Para Ordnance Carry 9, with thanks in advance.

Two questions:

1. The grip safety seems to wobble a bit left to right, almost as if it's too loose or not tightened enough. It actually makes a bit of noise as it shakes back and forth when I concealed carry. Is this normal for this gun, or do I need to have it repaired somehow, and if so, how best to get this fixed. I can't imagine this is normal, but don't know anyone else with this gun.

2. I noticed another Para gun called the PDA, and wondering if anyone knows the difference between the PDA and the Carry 9. I called Para, and frankly their customer service rep didn't have a lot to say other than the PDA has a 'better' slide, but they could not elaborate on this. Anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


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does not wobble, nor does it make noise, so I would think yours needs to be looked at by the factory.

The PDA[stands for Personal Defense Assistant] seems to be a delux version of the Carry 9. PDA has a two-tone finish and nicer grips.

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