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It has been my habit over the last eight years, to post messages for such dates that should be memorialized. It is not my purpose to bad-mouth the Japanese. There was plenty of blundering and underestimation on both sides, so both sides suffered greatly.
But like the great country we are, we felt it necessary to save our attackers, from complete destruction, and our resources saw to it that Japan was completely refurbished to become a worthy competitor in worldwide commerce. Both sides thought it was better and safer for Japan never to develop a complete new military establishment. What was agreed upon was a Japanese "Self-Defense Force", supposedly incapable of mounting any offensive action. The lion's share of cost in $$/Yen and in military hardware was born by the USA, AND HAS CONTINUED TO BE BORNE BY US, to the present. So Japan became a formidable force in international commerce with the USA being a major customer, and actually subsidizing this success, by providing military aid, at greatly reduced prices.
Yes--there is now great controversy over the stationing of troops, and occupying military installations to support them. The Japanese see those expense "burdens" as being worth lots of $$ equivalency, and want credit for them against ANY discussions about Japan going "whole-hog" on an offensive/defensive military establishment.
Our President-Elect has stated he believes it is time for countries who we protect, to reimburse us for the liability we incur, in expenditures for such protection. That includes significant state of the art military Land, Sea, and Air hardware. Japan has received all three from us. So, for example, if there were a dust-up in the South China Sea, the enemy knows they would be facing the most well-developed, proven,[ integrated with Japan's Naval self defense force] naval command-control system in the world. It's called Aegis.
I believe it is time that our friends in Japan, look at the total reality we are facing, and understand the hard facts of the present USA economy.

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