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8 years 5 weeks ago, 5:47 PM


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So me and my best friend decide to take our wifes and little girls to the Ringiling Brothers Circus Sunday afternoon. As we are approaching the Ft. Worth Convention Center this guy come running up to us and says something that I can't understand and hands me a brochure, then he runs off. I take a look and it some PETA BullShit! Now I'am wearing a Bass Pro Shops T-Shirt,and a Ducks Unlimited ball cap, so I'am guessing this gutt-less bitch boy didn't feel like getting into it with me cause he ran off so quickly! Just Pisses me off that you can't enjoy an afternoon with family and friends, without this shit happening! Wish would have seen where he ran to so I could've returned his trash to him! Rant Over, Thanks!

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8 years 5 weeks ago, 5:50 PM


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I like you did not claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat friggin vegetables... Give me steak!

8 years 5 weeks ago, 11:03 PM


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I say we eat shark steak, snow leopard burgers, and human livers. Mmm, now them's is top o' the food chain vittles!

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8 years 4 weeks ago, 8:50 PM


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I say we take all the PETA people and put them in the lions cage and convince the lions to become vegatarians.

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