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We’ve all heard of big game hunting. I mean, what could be more exciting than taking a high-powered rifle and killing a really badass animal that you could show to your deer-hunting male friends that’ll make their penises shrivel up like a salt-covered slug. You know, like bringing back the head of an elephant or a hippo.

Well, it seems some Russian outfits have figured out the solution to when big game hunting gets boring: Somali hunting!

And no, I’m not screwing around with you:

Russian cruise liner companies are offering pirate-hunting trips on armed private yachts off the Somali coast.

This has got to be one of the most fucked up forms of “entertainment” I’ve ever heard of. Taking a boat out hoping to be attacking by marauding Somalis just so you can pick them off with high-powered hunting rifles? Wait… they’re not using simply hunting rifles:

Passengers pay £3,500 a day hoping to be attacked by raiders so they can retaliate with grenades, machine guns and rockets.

Wonderful, so no longer is the retaliation simply for self-defense and the thrill of escape, but more for some psychotic urge to turn hungry black people into shrapnel-laced hamburger. This is nothing more than legal murder-for-fun.

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