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We all know about the recent tragedy of a "sort of" health care plan being approved. Just read from a story by AP San Francisco. A gentleman making his displeasure with Pelosi known to her and getting carried away now serving a year. We need to tell our story by voting the socialists out, not calling them and threatening them. These threats give the government a reason to think we are all whack jobs and then come up with more blatant ways of attacking ALL our rights.

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It warns the other person(s). It calls attention to you. Don't waste time threatening. If you need to do something, do it. Whoever you did it to will get the message.

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Whatever we do

We have to make it legal. Threatening a government official will get you put in jail real quick. Besides, the worst thing that we can do to them is to take everything away from them. Be it power, money, recognition, perks, government credit cards...

We must focus on these Article 5 conventions and bring states rights back into the forefront. We must also focus on these lawsuits that the states are bringing against the fed. We don't have to threaten or harm these people. We just take all of their toys away...legally.

The most potent weapon that we have is our vote. We need to send ALL of these Congressmen packing and start over from scratch. I say "Fire the lot of them!!!"

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