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I would love to hear some feedback from this community on this report from Homeland Security. My initial thought after reading this report??? I believe I really have to be carefull here. But, how come when a politician like Rep. Gifford gets shot in the head its national news. But a girl getting raped and killed or left for dead in a ditch because of failed policy makers i.e. congress, specificly Rep. Giffords stance for an open border. How come that does'nt make national news. Does anyone else (besides me) feel that congress is responsible for the crimes mentioned and all crimes against U.S. citizens by illegal aliens because of failed policy. My friend was killed during a home invasion by illegals, shot twice. Turns out they had the wrong house. Should I not blame congress? The border has been an issue for a long time. For those of you old enough to remember. Ross Porrot campaign on this issue. Google his speeches and you will find he must have been some kind of prophet. And all the more right for the people to blame congress for crimes against its people. Since its precident was set almost 20 yrs ago. Am I crazy?

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Understand that the liberals in power now don't give a rats ass about the folks. Illinois is trying now to give illegal aliens drivers licenses. The libs here in New Mexico did this years ago. We elected Susanna Martinez, a Republican conservative and gun advocate to end this license nonsense, but the Democrat state congress fights her tooth and nail. They say giving illegals drivers licenses makes us safer, but never explain how. Makes the illegals safer but not the rest of us.And you all can thank that drunken POS Ted Kennedy for changing the immigration rules to allow anyone in, Used to be you had to be sponsored or had an ability that was needed by the country to immigrate. Now 84% of immigrates are third world, unskilled and illiterate

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