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7 years 37 weeks ago, 9:27 PM


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ported shotgun choke

i have herd that you can't shoot steal shot out of a ported choke can any body clear this up for me

brian lott
7 years 37 weeks ago, 9:33 PM


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I looked real quick and a lot of sites don't have a problem with it. They talk about patterns for geese and duck. Didn't see anything that said no, anyone else?

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7 years 37 weeks ago, 10:40 PM

greg az

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The shot itself is protected from the bbl by the plastic sleve till the round exits correct..

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7 years 37 weeks ago, 6:29 PM


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Sort of, greg

The cup on the end of the wad does protect most of the bore, but with the splits in the side that allows it to open, some of the pellets still make contact with the bore. I don't see how it could be too bad, as most manufacturers know many will be using steel shot nowadays. I'd contact the company to be sure, and if nothing else, next time someone tells you that, you can either confirm or correct them based on the manufacturer, not a bunch of guesses from us rejects here.

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