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5 years 10 weeks ago, 12:54 AM

greg az

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Jim.. This posted prayer wont end other prayers for the boy, you will have them till you advise all is well..

as always i said a little prayer first that this would be as free from "self" and as much from our Lord as i could make it..

Dear Lord.. Of all the love you gave us, none is more heartfelt than the love a Parent has for a Child.. One of our friends, Jim Foley and his family is facing fear over their son.. Jim has shared with us that while the doctors don't believe it's cancer.. it is a tumor, and a very real fear..

Lord this is simple if it's your will please watch over this young man and touch him with the healing light of your presence.. Take from him any cell that could in any way be malignant, and let this tumor be cancer free.. Please hold him and the Foley family in the palm of your hand, let them have confidence that at the very worst it will be healed thru the miracle of prayer to you, and medical miracles that come from you..

Lord we pray that it is not their worst fear, and that this worry can be taken from them as soon as possible..

Let them have faith in you, and the friends and family around them who are praying as well..

In your holy name.. Amen

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5 years 10 weeks ago, 1:00 AM

jay sedler

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5 years 10 weeks ago, 9:00 AM

Saint J.M. Browning

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wiping a tear from my eye. Thank you so much. It means a lot and I know of the power of prayer first hand. My son will be OK if it's God's will.

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5 years 10 weeks ago, 9:13 AM


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