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Right wing gun lover, Texas, United States

Preserve and, Protect Medicare and Medical for the future. Our economy is struggling to get back on it's feet, We can'not stand by and allow Our Country, to go down a path that would impose Trillion of dollars in new jobs destroying taxes on families and small business and give the President a Blank check to add Trillion More to the National D. I say We need to Restore America's Promise. This is Badgirlj36 I am back for good did any one miss me I had been sick for longer then a week that is why I had not been sick. and I am getting stronger every day now and I am not like what I am seeing and, We need to Stand Up and and Get back on Our feet.

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How about killing some wearfare ( not for vet's or people with dis or any thing like that)of those whom been on it over10 yrs! That is a start.The baby's are grown and gone momma can get a job her back can't hurt for ever as she never hurt it.

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How many others?

No sir, he fell into that bullet... Never argue with a stupid person. They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!!
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I am with you, and any others, as I have said before, even with the teacher thing here in florida, and they still let some go, & made them pay there own way into IRA's and 401k's & essentially giving them a pay cut to keep up with the times. But still no answers on where does themoney go from the cell phone towers that are actually erected in the playground of schoolyards with children using them to play around, and the school, or county is getting up to 455,000.00 a year in lease fees each year, and plans for more to come. I personally wrote to the newspaper columnist who is the so-called guardian of misplaced funds and finding them for citazens when asked. His reply was it is in the works and some funds are being used for more libraries and such endeavors. What a crock and he is in on it and he knows it and will not speak out on it. Eveybody has their hand in everybody elses pocket and no one will take responsability for it. Anybody out there that thinks one four year term as president can turn this country around is not thinking right, and 8 years may turn one corner, but not all. So we better work together or it will be over before the fat lady sings. Lbc, you remember gas 19cents a gallon, then a couple of years and no jobs and odd, even licence plates to even get gas, then maybe five or ten gallons. A Vette puts out 180HP ? what? I don't want no more, do you, I am with Badgirl 36 and missed you dearly. John

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