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It starts with California wanting to lower there costs by releasing inmates early. These were supposed to be non-violent low risk inmates. Today on KFI 640 (The John and Ken Show) report according to AP. The original report was 10 High Risk Felons were released or about to be released when they dug deeper. As it turns out, by mistake, because of an outdated "computer" program. Over 400 serious felons with records worse than originally thought had been released. Over 200 were almost released and that was stopped. They released these people with know need for further parole requirements. New software for reading and digging up more complete records and better profiles for repeat offenders was instituted and now they are trying to get over 400 criminals BACK! Remember they were not required to give addresses because the state said they were free and clear, including no parole. Un f---------g believable

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Hey MIke

I am amazed that you think it's unbelievable...haha! It totally goes along with what is being to the whole country...we are all getting fucked. The politicians don't live in the areas where those criminals will be living, so why should they care. What's worse is, I am sure they would never have admitted to this if it wasn't brought to the public by someone else.

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i was

gonna read each topic in order. however i feel myself getting more and more alarmed. so to keep from making on line enemies. i'll take me and my 2 cents to another forum.

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