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I recently bought the 12 gauge maverick 88 field in walmart for 180 dollars, i got what i paid for, decent shooting shotgun, ive been using it with standard federal low recoil buckshot i got at walmart the day i picked it up, i was wondering how well it will work/withstand different shotgun slugs like the federal tru ball slug, federal hydrashok slug, and hornady 300 gr. sabot slug, thanks.

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maverick 88

is a cheaper version of the 500

9 years 21 weeks ago, 8:45 PM


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mav 88

yes it is... and I used to shoot all types of slugs through my 500, so I assume the the maverick would be fine, but you may want to check with someone who has actually done it

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mavrick 88 & slugs

I have a mossberg 500 and had many of them. Use the low recoil slugs if you can find them.
federal hydrashok and tru ball would be the most accurate out of the smooth bore. Remington low recoil slugs also are a good choice. I have shot them all. You can find them on most web sites that sell ammo shooters supplies and and try also.Good luck!

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