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Quick update and hello

Hey everyone...haven't been online much, especially on gunslot, but I am settling down now in Florida, started the new job, awaiting security clearance updates and am closing on a house on 11 August. I am staying at a shithole, long stay hotel...well, it's clean anyway, but apparently a lot of spanish speakers here (spanish only)...and most of them look ebear...haha. Anyway, seem like ok people, but a lot of trash in here. It's noisy also, consequently I am really looking forward to moving into the house. I arranged for my EMP to be shipped here and the rest of my guns are still in PA, should have them all here in the fall--can't wait. Hurlburt Field has a range open for all retirees, active duty I will be able to use it, plus there are others in the area. Hope everyone has been well...any significant news on any of the members? Everyone doing ok?


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You will find this a true paradise, if we can ever get the average summer temps down a little, and BP does not devastate our pristine white sandy beaches.

We have a somewhat crude, but very effective range, open to the public, in the wild, north part of Okaloosa County. If Hurlburt is crowded and busy, you might want to try this public range. I wish you great success in your new job.

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Stateside Pkato and not still cooking your ass off in the ME. The only real thing that I can think of to report is that greg's brother gary took a turn for the worse healthwise but at last report he is hanging in there. That's about all I can think of but I don't get involved as much with the night shift (one can only look at a 'puter so many hours a day) so there might be something that I missed. I have taken an interest in old military rifles, Mosin Nagant's at the moment, I have bought one and am bidding on a few more, anyway welcome back.

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Welcome back, Pkato

Glad to have you home. Hopefully your house will be ready soon and you can get out of the "Bates Motel" you're in now. An HK MP-5 might come in handy in the interim.

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