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9 years 12 weeks ago, 2:50 PM

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rem .260

i've heard a lot of scuttlebutt about the rem. .260 what do you guy's think about it for 1000yd target shooting? i was thinking about putting one together on a 700 action.

9 years 12 weeks ago, 3:31 PM


.260 cal

It would be pretty tuff to make 1000 yds with a .260cal. Also u got to adjust for distance droppage and windage.

9 years 10 weeks ago, 6:47 PM


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1000 yds is pushing it.

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9 years 10 weeks ago, 6:51 PM


1000 yds

1000 yd bench shooters i know prefer 6.5 caliber so i think that at least try it what the hell if it aint good for 1000 yd use it for deer hunting

9 years 10 weeks ago, 8:42 PM



I say build it dare to be different that is a neat caliber and if anything it is always fun to build new guns what fun would it be if we all had the same calber guns then we3 might as well call this sight so and so caliber site

9 years 10 weeks ago, 9:26 PM


.260 remington

go to and look for the article A Pedigreed 6.5 by J. Scott Rupp this might be a better idea for that 700 action the article is in the september/october issue of rifle shooter magazine

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