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any info on this rifle,i understand there was a issue on jamming, company listed revised info as improved gas system,anyone have one.

rick greene
4 years 36 weeks ago, 8:18 AM

Saint J.M. Browning

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heavy, remmy 750

I have one. I did a review on it.

It's a great rifle. I had heard the same thing, but I haven't had a single problem. The 750 is the descendent of the 740/7400 and I believe the jamming issues were attributed to these rifles and it was assumed the 750 would have the same. But, from what I've seen, the jamming issues were more user error than anything. It had more to do with shooters not cleaning the chamber (you have to do it with semi-autos) and casings getting stuck b/c of this.

But check that review and here are some results of my 750:

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