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just picked up my new remington r-25(dpms)havent fired it yet, but i noticed that the camo scratches real easy-anybody out there got one with the same problem? havent contacted remington yet, worried that it took me so long to get, dont want to give it up and have to wait even longer--any input would be greatly appreciated thanks -Carl

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I have heard of this many times. The coat is very thin. It will scratch easy. Also make sure to keep deet, which is found in insect repellent, away as it will take the camo off as well. its no duracoat

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8 years 6 weeks ago, 1:31 PM


put rhino liner on it

that shit is tough!

8 years 6 weeks ago, 5:43 PM


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Here's a thought on a camouflage rifle, though. Who cares if it scratches? Camo isn't supposed to be pretty. It's like someone buying a big four by four with Super Swamper mud tires and a three inch lift and worrying about a scratch.

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