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fred dennison

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revolver hand guns

i am looking for anybody who has heard of a colt 455 new service revolver patented 1886 1905 and 1926 if so what is it worth and is it a collectors item?Is the ammunition difficult to find? please let me know!thank you. p.s. the pistol is in excellent condition.

9 years 22 weeks ago, 10:46 PM


.455 New Service

The New Service Colts are top of the line revolvers which are well made and increasingly collectable. It was I believe, precursor to the later Python. The .455 round was common British issue until just prior to ww2, in a variety of arms, most famously the Webley inspired revolvers. It was also chambered in the Colts for sale to the British Empire. It is just a tad underpowered compared to the .45 auto. It is easy to reload and components are available. Reloading to shoot a nice New Service would be just the thing.

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