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One of the greatest tactical Israeli Generals, sometimes called the "Israeli Patton", Sharon finally passed, after being in a coma for about eight years. Brash to the point of insubordination, at times, many believe that had Israel not had General officers like Sharon and Dayan(the eye patch General), Israel would have been crushed by the superior Arab combat forces.

He made many mistakes as a General AND Prime Minister, but his victories will never be forgotten.

It is amazing to me that when I was a Junior in high school, he was my age, learning to be a soldier on the battlefield, getting shot at and sustaining multiple battle wounds.

RIP: Aluf, Sharon, alav hashalom

Too old to fight, Too old to run, guess that's why I carry a gun! "would someone show this asshole the way out of town".[Rabbi Avram Belinski-aka "The Frisco Kid"]

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