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S & W 500

I recently go a S&W 500. What a "Hand-Canon"!!! Problem is, every time I squeeze that trigger, its $2.24. 48 to 50 bucks for a box of 20 is a little steep, but I can't find anyone to reload them.
I got a lot of brass, and have to find someone to load them. Any suggestions?

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do it your self!

go buy 5 boxes of ammo!ok now that we are at this point the money you spent could have bought all the tools to reload!go to and either download or purchase( i suggest buying) their reloading manual,also google barnes bullets and speer bullets and sierra bullets i know they are not cheap but buy the manuals and or download em'for the reloading info start there then message me and we will talk

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Michigan, United States have truly spurned my interest in reloading. Imma get into it when I get home

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Me too

Me too. I just wish there was a way to reload .22lr. Got brass laying everywhere in my backyard.

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9 years 25 weeks ago, 11:58 AM


recycle the brass

that you pickup then use the money to buy more 22 lr ammo thats what my kids and i do with scrap metal prices way up i just got paid 3.90 a pound for brass and turned in 10 pounds then took the money and bought more 22 shells

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