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Maybe this can be a place to put some good news in the near future.. As it is our buddy Saints son, who Jim calls his "little" man, or "lil" man is apparantly not doing all that well.. When the wife is staying home, the boys confined to bed, and the doc's are more concerned.. thats not doing so well.

To make this a positive thread maybe we could all share something positve for our friend Saint.

Jim.. know that a number of us have your son in prayer.. and thats on a serious levil, not some throw away statement.. Told you before that will be the case till we hear from you he's doing better..

Fear can set in easy, and im sure all three of you are scared.. Please pass on to both the wife and son that their not alone.. Besides our prayres the reality here is that due to places like St. Judes, and Shriners, childhood cancer is NOT what it was.. it gets cured

Were all praying that it's not the worst case Saint, but if it is.. your lil mans going to be ok..and knowing what he's going thru.. im thinking he's not so little to any of us.. GIve the wife our sincere greetings please, and please update us when you can.. knowing this is hard, will try not to talk about it less you do.. God bless you, and yours and let us know, either here "out front" our in pm if theres anything we can do.

Hoping to make this positive let me offer the following antadotal but true story.

Our son-n-law (the hunter) has an older brother.. Thier Son Kevin was diagnosed with a form of lukemeia back in 2001 or 2002.. Treated, and is completly cancer free.. they did the usual chemo, but doc's were positive from the begining, and i remember a statement that might help the Folleys now.. they said the docs look at child hood cancer now as something thats cured..

Hope this can be a source of positive for Saint and the family..

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