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7 years 3 weeks ago, 12:31 AM

head shot

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sarah hates bad shots?

A friend told me the Shatner, Gun Control video had been removed. I had it on favorites from 2 sources. Both gone. Found it on ebaum's site?? While I was re-playing it, a side bar came up asking for $ for sarah brady's anti campaign. Attempted the email - without a contribution, no speekee!! Did find out that she and her groupies are planning yet another gun grab, any gun. They claim this one is only for high capacity magazines. To her one is high cap. Point is - I've never heard that she was thankful jim lived! It's like she's mad as hell she has to put up with him. Any thoughts??

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After he got shot, she never once, at least that I know of said that she was grateful he had lived. I know that she has trotted him out several times when she gets on one of her high horses trying to ban all the guns she can. And I think even a couple of times she played the doting wife thing. But she has really gone ape over trying to ban guns. The weird part about it is that no matter how many times we say it, or how loud we shout it, some people just don't understand the concept that "If guns are outlawed, ONLY OUTLAWS will have guns." They don't seem to understand that the bad guys will find a way to get guns, whether they are outlawed or not. Rather than push to get more guns off the street, Sarah needs to push for loosening gun control so that more people are armed and can defend and protect people like her and Jim.

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7 years 3 weeks ago, 12:42 PM

Saint J.M. Browning

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What really is weird

is that they can't seem to understand that banning guns in the U.S. of A is ILLEGAL unless they amend the Constitution. That's what I would like for them to get through their thick skulls. Or move to a country that better suits their desire to be dependent on state.

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