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Sarah Palin

1) As mayor of Wasilla, Palin made rape victims pay for their own forensic evidence kits (That's messed up!)

2) Palin is opposed to abortion in cases of rape and incest (even if victims are children)

3) Palin believes creationism should be taught in public schools (Merge of Religion and Government - NO THANK YOU!)

4) Palin believes that man coexisted with dinosaurs only 6,000 years ago (RETARD! LOL)

5) While mayor of Wasilla Palin tried to fire the librarian because she refused to censor books (Can you say Dictator!)

6) Palin has no international experience and only obtained her first passport in 2007

7) Palin supports the Alaskan Independence Party which seeks independence from the USA

8) Palin is presently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power (Doesn't surprise me.)

9) Palin offered a bounty of $150 for each left front leg of freshly killed wolves

10) Palin promotes aerial hunting of wolves even though Alaskans voted twice to ban it (AERIAL HUNTING, You can't put those two words together. That's not hunting!)

11) Palin used $400,000 of state money to fund a propaganda campaign in support of aerial hunting

12) Palin believes man-made global warming is a farce

13) Palin strongly supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Maybe she'll want to drill in our backyards too!)

14) Palin is a champion for big oil and her campaign slogan has become "Drill, baby, drill!" (I'd drill her! LOL)

15) Palin is suing the federal government to prevent listing the polar bear as an endangered species

16) Palin is opposed to listing the unique Cook Inlet beluga whale as an endangered species

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9 years 20 weeks ago, 5:09 PM

Anonymous called me today to go to a rally in support of Obommunism.i told the lady that no i will be voting for mccai and palin and the only response she had was"you know that Palin kept the Bridge to No wwhere money" come on democrats!try harder than just the common liberal media crap!everyone is so concerned about Palin's lack of foreign affairs experience,is she running for a political position for a foreign country?no!she is running for vp here in the US and it should be more important what she does for us than what she does for other countries!

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At least she can shoot a moose!

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that was only after she found out the moose stopped dating her sister.

...check... G-AZ

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