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savage rifles


I want know what you guys think of the savage made rifles, I can buy one for a good price
but dont know enough. cal.243, want to use it for small game hunting and varminting.

I also do reloading and it seems to be the perfect calibre.

cheers for now

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Well Gangster, there are many different Savage models, but overall, I've found savage rifles to be very accurate, especially given their price. And if you can get a Savage rifle that has the Accutrigger on it, which is a self adjusting trigger, then that's even better. The Accutrigger is the best stock trigger I've ever pulled on a rifle. Hope this helps.

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Savage rifles

Consistently excellent quality and accuracy. Their accu-trigger is/was a most significant advance.
Time was when no one wanted one because they looked "different", with their barrel nut. Turns out that that was a very positive thing.
Generally less expensive than Winchester, Remington, Ruger, Browning, Weatherby, Kimber, etc.

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Savage Rifles?

The most accurate factory made rifle in the United States!
Here is an example, A.300 Win Mag in a 111 non accu-trigger. Pencil thin BBL.
The first 5 shots went to .463" C to C. off the hood of a pickup truck.
The only thing I did prior to shooting this group was replace the factory install scope with a Nikon scope I had laying around.
The largest group I ever fired out of this rifle was one group that went to 1.1". That was my fault.
All groups shot were a 5 shot group.
Cleaning was a snap. About 5 patches and it was clean with very little copper showing.
Savage? Yeah you can spend more money but why?

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