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High Court Will Decide Whether Strict Gun Laws Violate Second Amendment Rights



The U.S. Supreme Court Building in Washington

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court says it is now prepared to resolve an issue about gun ownership it left unanswered when it made its historic 2008 ruling striking down the District of Columbia's strict handgun law.

The justices announced Wednesday they will hear an Illinois case asking if their ruling last year in District of Columbia v. Heller extends to the states.

The lawsuit the justices agreed to hear was originally filed within hours after the high court's ruling that overturned a ban on possessing handguns in the nation's capital. Chicago and Oak Park, Ill. have similar bans that are now being challenged.

The case is led by the lawyer who successfully argued Heller before the high court last year and is sure to become the focus of all interests in the gun debate but the legal question that is now before the Court is a bit more mundane.

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Scary very scary


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The job of SCOTUS is not to interpit the constitution itself but to rule on the laws in relation to the constitution.
Heller was a bad decision because SCOTUS was ruling on the constitutional ammendments and not how the law is going against the constitution.
SCOTUS is sliding down a very slippery slide now telling us what our God GIVEN RIGHTS are as they see it instead of what is written in the BILL of RIGHTS.
Oh yeah I foregot you have to believe in God before you can beleive in God given rights.
No matter how SCOTUS rules they will always keep the door open to more RESONABLE gun laws. If my memory serves me correctly we have some 20,000 plus resonable gun laws on the books now for your safety.
*Watch the OBAMA DECEPTION video on you tube, this will explain much better than I can.

INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE. If you do not love the CONSTITUTION AS IT IS WRITTEN then you are free to leave MY COUNTRY at this time.

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