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By Jon Feere, May 15, 2009
Open-border advocates often claim that fences don't work. Why, then, does the White House have a secure, dual perimeter fence (both metal and "virtual") and limited points of entry—with officials doing quick background checks at each?

Answer: Because fences work to filter the good from the bad. This fact was just illustrated at the White House yesterday when two illegal aliens attempted to enter the premises for a tour. The individuals were taken into custody after a routine background check by the Secret Service uncovered that they had outstanding immigration orders against them.

So the President is safe, but what about the rest of us?

It's not that difficult to imagine such a system along our national borders. Is it too much to ask that our government protect those of us not fortunate enough to live in a gated community?

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"People know if you enter my home without my permission, you will be shot. No one has done so, so no one has had to get shot". Seems simple enough to me. The argument that many people are just coming here for a bette life does nothing for me. I'm sure if I were a famous person with no security, most people who walked in my front door would be doing so only to ask for work or an autograph or something else nonviolent that would benefit them in some way while providing a minor inconvenience for me, but there would also be those who would gain access with the intent to hurt, kill, or rob me. The same holds true with our borders.

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