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Shotgun Hunting

What type and size of shotgun would be used to hunt elephant's?

9 years 38 weeks ago, 2:31 PM


a big motherfucker. I would think you wouln want at least a .577 tyrannosaurus or 600 nitro rifle round. You need enough behind it to penetrate the thick hide and take down a beast that weighs tons.

9 years 18 weeks ago, 10:47 PM


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Is this a serious question? I have never heard of anyone hunting an elephant with a shotgun. I doubt the shot would penetrate the elephant's hide. You would need a heavy caliber rifle round such as a .458 magnum or better. Karamojo Bell hunted Elephants professionally for ivory and he killed them with a 7mm Mauser caliber, but he did that with brain shots. I wouldn't recommend trying to hunt an elephant with a shotgun. you're kidding, right?

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