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shotgun question

got a 20 guage shotgun with 24 inch barrel. want to cut it down to 18 1/2 for home defense only. can any gun smith do this and will this mess up the gun in any way.

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Shotgun Question

mrc24 If I were you I would not cut your shotgun down. I would sell the one you have in the factory condition and buy yourself a Mossberg or a Remington 870 home defense shotgun you cant go wrong with either one. Do some research on the Weaver case and see what modifying a shotgun barrel length can do for you.

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I don't want to take money away from any smithie, and if you need services our resident gunsmith "Greasypaws" can take care of you, but telling you that this is a pretty simple chore that will not mess up the gun. Unless this is some sort of exotic piece it does not have a choke in it, and just has a bead front sight.. guessing on this, but thats normal for a 20, so it's just a matter of drawing a good line.. measure back from bbl in 4 places. Cut with hacksaw. smoth with round file (dont over do) and reblue with any of the cold bluing proceses at any sporting goods store. Oh and then reglue the bead back on.. Unless you have a high buck piece this would be my advice.

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Short answer

Yes a smith can do it, no it won't hurt the gun. Check this out

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