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Hate to start on a negative note.. More great news from the Mideast, two more troops down in Afghanistan.. By those we train.. KIA's now 20% by those were training.. Guess someone missed the fact that this tribal nation, (faux iron age per Daisy) has 90% illiterate, and all they know comes from the resident Mullah, who hates us worse than O's rev Wright.. To continue this good news trend we "bought" the 7 Americans being held in Egypt back by paying a 5 mil ransom, oh im sorry we don't negotiate with Terrorists, so this was "bail"..

Andy Breitbart the conservative journalist who brought down the Acorn group has died at 43, i doubt this was anything but the apparant over indulgent life style, but theres no way they wont do a serious autopsy given his age and background.

Couldn't get spend my normal gunsluts time yesterday, as we spent the day (5 hrs) at the Prescott VA.. Quality individuals in the middle of a nightmare of bureaucracy..This turned out to be a rewarding experience, both in terms of health news (thank you Lord) and the dealings with staff, actually every experience we've had at the Prescott VA has been a good one.. On the opposing front we went thru an audiology test protocol at the PHX VA.. what a joke.. It's bad enough dealing with bureaucrats when you factor in a major operation like the PHX VA you also have an over worked group, dealing with irritated vets, half of which are senile and deaf..(thats just my group) Bottom line here is if your going to use a VA in AZ and have options, go to Prescott.. The other thing that we've noticed is the interaction with the WWII crowd.. We had the same good experience with this yesterday. One old boy in particular "Wally".. enlisted before the War, and spend 4 years in the south pacific.. On top of a living piece of history this old boy was honestly funny and alert.. We really enjoyed his company..

Gloria has the flu, and sick as a dog.. No more on that, just an explanation for being absent.. I've got a note and everything mod's.. Serious here, sorry for any unanswered pm's, i miss. "yous guys" but can't come out and play till tomorrow.. so see ya all later..

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