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8 years 18 weeks ago, 9:10 PM


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Are we seeing more pistols and revolvers on the shelfs today vs last couple of months.
I live on the East Coast and am seeing squat in the gun store. Some will try to find what you want others say "Nope, this is what I got".
On-line dealers seem to have some of the more wanted brands but, I see the price has gone up. What say YE ??

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8 years 18 weeks ago, 10:44 PM


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Charley, I've noticed more availability in guns here in Tenn in the last 2 weeks. The shelves were almost bare here for the last 4 months but now they are filling up again. Gander mountain had no Glocks at all here for about 8 weeks and now has 6 models, same goes for HK. Also, I check gallery of guns everyday and they are starting to get a bunch of AR's in. So, it looks like the firearm industry is starting to catch up. Now if only the ammo would do the same.

8 years 18 weeks ago, 4:06 AM


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never had a porb finding side arms, just ammo and I live less than a mile from fredral.

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8 years 18 weeks ago, 12:32 AM


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Gun availability

It's improving here in SE Arizona, ammo is still a problem. Small rifle magnum primers are nonexistant around here. I asked Trail Boss, a gun store in Sierra Vista if they had any and they said no and asked me to let them know if I found a source. Guns are great, but ya gotta be able to feed 'em

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