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Sig P250

Ok so, I received my P250 compact set up for the 40sw and with a 357sig barrel ready to swap in. Feel of the grip is like it was molded to my hand. Trigger pull is long but as expected from a double action only weapon. However the trigger is smooth as ice and breaks like it every time.

Looking online the reviews are pretty well split 50 50 people love or hate it. From what i can tell the original version of the P250 was fraught with jamming issues. Since then the sigarms company has modified it. Mostly just replacing some springs to provide the components with the proper power and has solved the issues.

Also the weapon seems to hate the cheap reloaded and re-manufactured rounds. The only FTF reports i have heard were all stemming from them.

Now any P250 experiences out here?
Any predictions on how my pistol will preform in the next week or two when i get to the range?
Feel free to comment...

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And I quote "Also the weapon seems to hate the cheap reloaded and re-manufactured rounds. The only FTF reports i have heard were all stemming from them."
Quite possibly these FTF were the result of poor practices at the loading bench, not from any reputable seller of remanufactured or reloaded ammo. The rimless cased, lip headspacing semi auto pistol round is the biggest challenge in the reloaders repitoure. I myself loaded some absolute trash for autoloader pistols after having loaded "magic bullets" for my rim headspacing revolvers. The 9mm Luger has to date been my biggest failure and my most rewarding learning experience relating to reloading. Don't be too harsh. I'd wager that 99% of the FTF reported in the Sig-P250 came from a new owners press, not a reputable supplier of reloads. My 2 pennies. Oh! The only Sig I ever fired is a co-workers 228. Like butter.

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I have only shot a couple of them. Both were .40. I wasn't a fan of the trigger, but never experienced any FTF's or FTE's. I used factory ammo.

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