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and had some from nimrod (fuck him), one from bearmeat (I'd fuck him with a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire), and other, more current members. Where's clintlebo? does he still post? And what happened with fordvg? Is there really that much animosity built up over the Little Dragon thing? Of course, I don't frequent this site near as often as I used to, as evidenced by the lonely, mournful howls of nitris's dog, but has this site changed? Forgive me if my thoughts are a bit random, as I am three sheets to the wind (That still means drunk, right?), but this site is the first forum I joined and is the standard by which I jusdge other forums. Let me tell you, this is a TINY forum compared to others I am a member of now. But that's one of the biggest appeals for me. There are members here who I wouldn't give a second glance to once I observed their hands and eyes in the real world, but here, their opinions actually almost matter to me. man, I'm glad I can edit this before posting it. I have A LOT of misspelled words. Hell, I even look to see if LLE has posted any replies to my comments, because even though I disagree with some of his thoughts, he still portrays himself as an intelligent, articulate, and valuable member of this cyber community. I'm still a bit irritated at being described as a female in catfish's poem, but I got over that. Let me ask the senior guys something, and I hope I can word it clearly given my less than coherent state; do you older members, and by that I mean senior as far as time spent on this site, still look at me as a new guy? I see some of these members who have posted a lot during my extended absence and see new members who are just beginning to have an impact on this site. That's the other weird thing about a forum. There are members here who have been on this planet over twice as long as me, yet I see them as new guys. I'm sure there are members here who have much more advanced training than me and are capable of making me look like a two year old in terms of shooting and/or unarmed combat abilities, yet I automatically assume people on here are making shit up or are talking out of their asses (fourth point of contact for the militaristic members) when they post in the tactics and strategy area. Am I alone in this? Probably, but I'm drunk and still not tired, so there's my topic for tonight, regardless of how incoherent or nonsinsical it may be. And for anybody who thinks I reminisced (sp) a bit too much, fuck you and suck my dick. There ya go, there's ole' Runs for ya. Faggot.

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i dunno

but i wish coldfront would comeback

I'm just another damn yankee with a loaded gun looking for some fun!
7 years 42 weeks ago, 11:37 AM


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1. Clintbo is still around, he just doesn't come to the site much, if at all anymore. I (along with a few others) receive daily emails from him, so he's all good.
2. Yes, the site has changed a lot. Whether thats good or bad... you be the judge. I've been finding myself a little less interested and posting a lot less lately. My original draw to the site was the military weapon/battle rifle discussions with the occasional verbal beating of the helpless libs who stumbled upon the site. Anyway, I'm not going to sit here and cry a river. There are still plenty of good members here.
3. I don't judge members by points, but by the time they've been around and the quality of their posts. While your posts are somewhat questionable and homocentric, you have been around for over a year. Don't get a chubby, I'm not flirting with you.

Oh, and learn how to spell you damn honkey

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I have my views, I don't hide how I feel on subjects, I know a little about some weapons and that's it...I joined because I wanted to hear from people with interests in guns military folks and the political stuff...while sometimes stifling is still fun to read. I like the site and change is the order of the day! Haven't you heard? Anyway, I have no problem with anything anyone posts, unless it is a direct attack on me, without justification. If it's justified...I can accept that also. I miss that guy who always argued for Global Warmning though...who was that? SamD is my hero! I enjoyed the site at first and still enjoy it. It's fun and I look forward to reading new posts each day.

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7 years 42 weeks ago, 1:25 PM


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He had a heart attack at one point and after that he just stopped signing on. I don't know for sure, of course, but that's what I suspect.

As for runaway being new, my God, man, you're the Vice President!

As for the site changing, well, there's near zero porn on here any more. (If you consider bear tits porn, then I think you have a personal problem.) As for Ford and the Ka Ka boyz, I suspect we've seen the last of them as ford has his own gun site now. Other than that I really don;t see that the site has changed that much. The owners seem to have a hands-off approach and just let the thing run. I think they've got a lot of irons in the fire and that other sites may be making them more money.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

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