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Socialists Infiltrate Congress

By Mason Weaver

Reprinted by CalNRA with the gracious permission of Mr. Mason Weaver.

When I was a young Berkeley political science student, I had an opportunity to work with the Bay area's congressional delegation. I labored in the offices of Ron Dellums, Pete Stark and George Miller. I became concerned over their political objectives. They seemed to detest progress and wanted to do harm to every American institution of freedom. I saw anger at American policy in Vietnam and support for our enemies. I felt their philosophy of taxes, government controls and anti-capitalism would harm the economy and push the American dream away from many. Finally I left, felling something must be wrong with me.

This week a list was revealed of membership in the Democratic Socialists of America, and there were listed my three members of Congress, in a 58 member group called "The Progressive Caucus." Signed members of this socialist organization included former chairwoman of the Black Caucus Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson Jr., Lynn Woolsey and Bob Filner. The list of 57 Democrats and one registered Socialist was a shocking revelation.

I now understood why the policies of these people were so alien to me. If they are socialists, they are against American values and this explains many of their actions. Why does Maxine Waters fight economic progress in her district? Why does Bob Filner continue to support keeping immigrants uneducated and dependent? Why the calls from these Democrats to unilaterally disarm? These "progressive" Democrats love unfair trade, foreign aid to our enemies, terrible public education and high taxes. I looked back at the bills sponsored by the socialists in Congress and found a pattern.

Every bill they sponsored forced government restrictions on Americans. There were no bills removing government burdens off our backs, only bills detailing what we could not do, what we must do and penalties for not following their dictates. Bills on wages, employment, education, farming, international trade and the environment all were laws of restriction.

On their web site is a statement of their cause: "At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end." We should demand that members of the Progressive Caucus explain their membership.

I have not heard back from any of the members of Congress I contacted. Only Congressman Filner's local office wanted to know my opinion. They seemed interested in a public opinion poll. I was not interested in giving them my opinion, only hearing the congressman's. They informed me that Filner had not issued a statement on the matter yet.

My web site will have the complete list of the Progressive Caucus. Call them and ask for an explanation. The web page for the socialists has a theme--anti-capitalism. I rebelled against that as a young student. The notion that society must harness the means of production sounds great until you think about who will harness society.

My first act as a U.S. sailor was to pledge to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Each U.S. congressman on this list swore to the same oath. The press has been silent on this matter. It should not be.

I added the names as the web site didn't work...
The Democratic Socialists of America, Progressive Caucus members list website, lists the following elected Representatives in the US House of Representatives as members:

· Neil Abercrombie (HI-01),

· Tammy Baldwin (WI-02),

· Xavier Becerra (CA-30),

· David Bonior (MI-10),

· Corrine Brown (FL-03),

· Sherrod Brown (OH-13),

· Michael Capuano (MA-08),

· Julia Carson (IN-10),

· William Clay (MO-01),

· John Conyers (MI-14),

· Danny Davis (IL-07),

· Peter DeFazio (OR-04),

· Rosa DeLauro (CT-03),

· Lane Evans (IL-17),

· Eni Faleomavaega (American Samoa),

· Sam Farr (CA-17),

· Chaka Fattah (PA-02),

· Bob Filner (CA-50),

· Barney Frank (MA-04),

· Luis Gutierrez (IL-04),

· Earl Hilliard (AL-07),

· Maurice Hinchey (NY-26),

· Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-02),

· Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18),

· Stephanie Tubbs Jones (OH-11),

· Marcy Kaptur (OH-09),

· Tom Lantos (CA-12),

· John Lewis (GA-05),

· Jim McDermott (WA-07),

· James P. McGovern (MA-03),

· Carrie Meek (FL-17),

· George Miller (CA-07),

· Patsy Mink (HI-02),

· Jerry Nadler (NY-08),

· Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC),

· John Oliver (MA-01),

· Ed Pastor (AZ-02),

· Donald Payne (NJ-10).,

· Nancy Pelosi (CA-08),

· Jan Schakowski (IL-09),

· Jose Serrany (NY-16),

· Hilds Solis (CA-31),

· Pete Stark (CA-13),

· Bennie Thompson (MS-02),

· John Tierney (MA-06),

· Tom Udall (NM-03),

· Nydia Velazquez (NY-12),

· Maxine Waters (CA-35),

· Mel Watt (NC-12),

· Henry Waxman (CA-29),

· Lynn Woolsey (CA-06)

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