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Ok well I got have had some recent experience with lot's O' Cosmoline. So My SKS was packed in it, and when I asked ppl what to do to get it off, they reccomended stuff like boiling it, like Berrymans chemtool, like gasoline, diesel kerosene blah blah blah. Anyways I dont know about you guys but I dont have a kettle or pot big enough to boil this thing in, and dont want contact cancer from Berrymans, plus I dont like hazardous flammible shit in my shop or things that will kill me quickly. So I found a ingenious technique. I made a bath for the upper reciever with barrel out of 3 12 pack soda boxes cut them at the ends to make one long trough, (im saying troff like what horses drink out of but I dont know that the spelling is right, anyways, lined it with aluminum foil, then put everything metal in the trough/troff/horse cup, anyways in goes mineral spirits and spray everything down with .5 can of foamy engine brite gel formula, then let it sit for about a half of a day, don't worry about the metal the solvent mix takes its time and does not eat the metal. Then for the Stock, get this, a wives trick, use 1 can Oven Off No Fume Formula, yes the kind for your ovens, spray it down while wearing gloves, that shit boils and bubbles out all the cosmoline out of the wood, does not harm wood but boy it kind of bleaches/brightens the fuck out of it, I had no idea that the natural wood is so much brighter, anyways, then after 30 mins wash the stock 2x in soapy hot as fuck water in a big bucket, and then rinse it down thouroughly. Dry the stock for a day, then it's ready for 120-200-320 sandpaper and stain and sealant. Pull rifle parts from horse sippy cup and wash them down with hot ass water in bucket with soap, rinse well let them dry, rub all metal down with bore butter or Hopps oil. Its a proven way to do it, and there is minimal mess, fumes, and cleanup is easy!!!

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We never had anything meant to do anything like clean off cosmoline. Our typical cleaning fluid was MOGAS. Cleaning fluid & lubricant for machine guns on helicopters was, JP-4. If you had anything else you lived in base camp.

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